For Patients

Allofill is a natural alternative to autologous fat grafting.

Learn About Allofill

Allofill is an allograft derived from donated human adipose tissue that can be used to fill soft-tissue defects as a non-invasive alternative to autologous fat grafting. Allofill provides cushioning and support for subcutaneous tissue.

Allofill’s proprietary technology was developed to better harvest and deliver multiple naturally occurring growth factors found within allograft adipose tissue. These growth factors have been shown as having angiogenic, mitogenic, and regenerative properties. Allofill products have been through validated viral and bacterial inactivation processes prior to sterilization. DNA and RNA fragments, cell fragments, and other immunogenic components have been removed while preserved growth factor content has been maximized.

Allofill is intended for use in situations where autologous fat grafting is appropriate and should be restricted to homologous use of adipose tissue.

Simple, Safe, Natural

  • Adipose-derived allograft filler
  • Contains naturally occurring growth
  • Processed and screened by accredited
    tissue banks
  • Retains native extracellular matrix (ECM) components
  • Ready to use off the shelf.